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National Tour 2009

March 4, 2009

Tomorrow morning we are off at an ungodly hour–5:30am pickups for the airport. The groans of discontent at rehearsal today were loud but the beauty of the tour booklets our administrative manager (Valerie) created for us, quieted the cry.
Rehearsals went really smoothly this week. The dream team cast is amazing. Amber, Darcy, Josh–they all learn material so quickly, assume changes with out the bat of an eye, and offer input on new creative ideas and alterations to the work.
The biggest challenge that has arisen so far is trying to recover from uncontrollable fits of laughter that erupt when the performers get rolling on some joke or play act, which they can keep going mercilessly.
I can’t help but think that the time spent with this crew over the next month will be super fun, no matter what we confront along the way.
Dean, our technical director, arrived from Yukon yesterday. He is now with us, so the team has amassed and we head out in the morning.
Thanks to Amber, Darcy, Josh and Dean for being the dream team.

Feb. 22/09
Welcome to the Link Foundation National Tour 2009 blog. Follow us around Canada.
Regular blog entries start on March 5 when the company flies off to St John, New Brunswick.