Just completed “How Can it be Fair”

Wow, what a great project we just completed. I loved so much about what we made and how the performers executed it. The dancing sections depicting emotions and the physical state of fairness versus unfairness, both moved me deeply. I felt such a strong visceral sensation each time I watched those pieces of the work being danced by LINK’s fantastically accomplished Cara Siu and Darcy McMurray. I was also happy with the way the composition of the show worked in terms of taking the audience from seeing or struggling to see the opening duet dance about “gaining perspective” and then having Dr. Lawrence Ward lead the audience through a physical exploration to change each person’s viewing position to make the composition of the room more fair in terms of seeing the dance. Fun to get people thinking, hen feeling and then acting all towards the goal of achieving greater fairness. The Calgary show at the awesome SKEW Gallery, was a great hit because of the audience’s ability to move wherever they wanted to shift their perspective. They ended up encircling the final trio, which brought the dance into focus in a whole new way. I sure appreciated that last experiment and how it kept the project growing and evolving from the first day of rehearsal to the last day of performance. Thanks to all who worked on the project and huge thanks to everyone who came. And finally, gigantic thanks to Dr. Janis Sarra for making it all happen.


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