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Liz Lerman Mentorship: What did I learn?

January 20, 2010

The opportunity to be mentored in a one on one relationship with Liz Lerman during October 2009 was an unforgettable experience. She embodies the artist I strive to be. Creative and Alive. Conscious and Analytical. Committed to deepening human interaction and engagement. Liz is redefining the art of dance and the role it can play in society. She taught me so much about creating dance and staying true to one’s vision for artistic practice.

From a strictly artistic perspective, she identified two skills and approaches that I am thinking alot about these days:

1. Go up really close to the subject matter when you are developing your dance. Get as literal and close-up as possible and then pull back once you know where too close is. There is a difference between being didactic and being unclear about your subject matter. Getting up close allows you to find out clearly what your subject matter is about. Pulling back allows you to bring artistry to it.

2. Find the embodiment of something and then use it in a physical conversation. It’s a way of building dialogue. She was describing a tool for how to take on the body and weight of an emotion/feeling and that transferring that embodiment into a choreographic entity.

It would be hard to thank the SFU Centre for Dialogue enough for choosing me to engage so deeply with this deeply-committed artist, Liz Lerman.


Experiments: outcomes

January 19, 2010

What have I learned from this piece so far. That if I am going to do a piece about scientific method and creative method, then I need to attend to the methodology throughout. Either make it overt, like an exoskeleton, or comment on it throughout the work.