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First Week in studio

September 4, 2009

I began some creation on the new piece recently and I was thrilled at the juice that was flowing creatively. Illuminated blocks for data points marking the salient moments in the dancers’ work. Attractions between dancers as visible reflections about theories on origins of race as a response to impressions of beauty and love that are formulated early in life by the image of our primary caregivers. This is a theory that is part of the literature of evolutionary biology and that is core to the study of Behavioural ecology. Characters emerging on the stage as a parallel to the way Behavioural Ecologists study individual animals, who they watch and analyze in terms of each individual’s response to opportunities and risks in their environment. In other words the individual variations between animals will be viewed in this piece like the individual variations between the motivations of different characters and more specifically the risk tolerance of these 3 characters ranging from most cautious to most bold. Is there an outcome within the piece, such as who ends up with the biggest pay off and who ends up with the biggest losses based on their respective strategies along the continuum of cautious to bold? These are the questions of Behavioural Ecology and they are beginning to find some language in the dance piece that feels like it has the possibility of being both aesthetically and dramatically charged, but also interesting in terms of its connection to the methods of science and the interests of scientists in the field of BE. There is still a very far way to go but here, you go, a short blog entry on what I have begun to create.